Baby Jasmin – 4 months old

Jasmin is already four months old! It is going by so quickly. Here are some super cute pictures I took the other day. I would have posted them a few days ago, but blogger has been being weird. I guess whatever issues they were having are resolved because now I can upload my pictures! Yeah!

My Little Artists

Ok…So here is how the paintings turned out. I am very proud of them. I did not help Savannah at all with hers. When Max finished his painting, he painted his name, really proud-like, across the sky in really big letters…so I ended up fixing that and then he signed his painting at the bottom. He decided he wanted to give his to Mr. Y., his principal. Karson wanted me to help him with the water, because it did not look like the picture after he painted it. I also painted the moon and the bear’s nose for him. It was a lot of fun to do these paintings with them. I hope they would like to do it again sometime.

Sam’s World

Tonight I went to church with Sam and the kids. They had a meeting at 5:30 that he had to be there for, but there wasn’t any kids stuff going on till 6:00. So I hung out with the kids a little till their teachers showed up. Then I went and put Jasmin in the nursery and went upstairs to hang out with Sam. He works in the media room and does the songs and Pastor Marks sermon outlines on the video projector. I had my journal with me because I was thinking I might draw while I was listening to the service and Sam suggested that I draw “his world”…that is his little space where he works during every church service. It was fun. I probably spent about 45 minutes doing this drawing.