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So what do you think of the new look?  I’ve been wanting to change it for sometime.  Sam has been trying to get my blog changed over to word press and finally did it with success.  He surprised me with the theme, which I really like a lot.  I am going to be going through and adding categories and tags to all my archives.  It’s going to take a while, but it will be much easier for you guys to view posts that interest you.  One thing different is I have to approve comments now, so if  your comment doesn’t show  up right away, that’s why.

It’s 2:42am and I am sitting with Jasmin in front of the computer typing this out.  She has a bad cough which woke her up and so since neither one of us can sleep we came downstairs.  This happened last night as well.  I think we ended up being awake for 2 hours.  I think she is beginning to teeth and her sinuses are all messed up…thus the coughing.  She is not happy.

So here is a funny story…today the kids (Max, Savannah, Karson and our neighbor Shelby, who spent the day with us) went upstairs to the boys room.  My mom and dad had stopped by and Sam and I were visiting with them and we noticed it had been really quiet for a long time.  Then one of them came down and asked for tape, which we couldn’t find…and then went back upstairs.  It wasn’t too much later that Savannah came down and Sam happened to ask what they were doing and she said that they had decorated our bedroom with special notes and glued them to the wall.  Sam went upstairs, and I soon followed…and sure enough, there were about 20 little notes, some of them heart-shaped glued (with glue-stick) all over our wallpaper with still-drying blue glitter glue dripping down the papers.  They created a crown for me out of paper and glued 3 big diamonds on it. (paper cut into the shape of a diamond – not the traditional shape of a diamond, but more like the shape of a diamond stone).  They had also used several stamps and apparently red ink, which they had very carefully wiped off the stamps onto a damp washcloth to remove the ink.  The washcloth was lying on the floor (now red) and Max stepped on it and then onto the carpet…and well, you can guess what happened then.  We now have a red footprint on the carpet in the boys room as well.  It really was so cute, what they had done, for me for mother’s day.  You can hardly be upset about something like that.  I hate my wallpaper anyway…maybe I will post a picture so you can see why.  I’d have to go take one though, and I am not going to do that at three in the morning…I think it would freak sam out if he woke up to that.  So maybe later.

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