Plans for a Saturday

Karson woke me up at 6:45 this morning…I was planning on sleeping in…but most likely I would have been up anyway because I feel a little sick this morning.  I am sure it was probably something I ate that is bothering me.  I haven’t actually been eating very well the past few days.

Last  night I helped out at the 5th grade girls lock in.  It was fun.  There were four other teachers.  The girls were  crazy, like 5th graders can be, and they were getting each other freaked out about someone dressed in black outside…something I am sure was made up by one of them to scare the others.  Anyway, we ate, made crafts…the girls did a scavenger hunt and we played dodge-ball.  I seriously have not played that since I was in elementary school!  It was fun.  I wasn’t very good at it…but I had a great time.  We had some kind of vinyl or leather covered foam balls…they didn’t hurt.  When I was a kid we played with those red gym balls…you know what kind of balls I am talking about, don’t you?  Those babies hurt!

While I was at the lock in, Sam took Karson and Jasmin to his sister, Shelly’s house to hang out.  Almost every time I go away, he ends up going over there with the kids.  I am sure Shelly helps out with the baby, so that probably makes it easier for  him.  Savannah and Max went with their Aunt Sherry for the weekend.  I guess they are going to a dog show today.  Anyway, while Karson was at Aunt Bean’s (Shelly), she gave him a McFlurry maker.  Apparently it had gotten picked up by Sam’s dad at a garage sale or something…she didn’t want it, so Karson brought it home.  Only it’s missing the directions – and the mix.  Karson assures me that when he was a baby he saw the McFlurry mix at Walmart, though.  So we may head over there later to see what we can find.  I googled it and found this hilarious review on the McFlurry maker. I probably can reproduce the mix…since it’s most likely just sugar or something.  And if I can figure out how to put it together, I might be able to do it…it’s just a mini (and I mean mini) ice cream maker.  So anyway, apparently even though Karson went to sleep after 11:00 last night, he was up early because he was thinking about his “new” McFlurry maker.  He doesn’t even want breakfast.  He’s a strange kid.  So I told him I’d go up and take my shower and the two of us plus baby Jasmin would go up to Walmart and see what we could find.  Then we’d go over to my friend’s neighborhood garage sales and then  come back home and we’ll see about making the ice cream.

Later on today, we have a graduation open house to go to, and then Jasmin (Mimi) is coming over to be with the kids while we go to the Lugnuts game.  One of my pricipals is retiring and wanted an event not a party, so we chartered a bus with Jackson Trippers and we are all going up to hang out at the Lugnuts game.  It will be fun, I am sure.  It looks like it will turn out to be a pretty nice day too.  Plus, there are fireworks after the game!

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