The 2008 Elementary Art Show

This month was my student art show. We had over 600 works of art displayed at the Eastern Branch Library. It was an amazing site to see all the colorful works of art displayed here. I love when it’s all up and so many people have enjoyed it over the past month. I give out blue ribbons to people in our community and ask them to award it to their favorite artist. This is why some of them have the blue ribbons. These kids are standing in front of my favorite piece…but I didn’t award the ribbon. I don’t participate in that part of the show…because I think it would be a conflict of interests! Anyway…one of my students created this snow globe…it was a project that the kids did back in December…you would think that most of them would put a snowy scene, trees, a snowman…something like this. Not this kid…he dared to be different and made his snow globe about something he loves…Star Wars! Isn’t that the cutest. I also took close up pictures of several of the pieces of art on display and made up a kind of Scavenger hunt game. Here the kids have found the match with the star wars snow globe. They had a great time with it and I will probably do it again…only maybe not with so many cards. We had 42 in each set. That took way too much time.

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