Slow progress

Well…yesterday I didn’t get any painting done.  I tried, but the paint wouldn’t stick.  At first I thought maybe there was something wrong with the paint, but then as I thought about it more…I realized it was most likely because it was so humid yesterday.  It was like 85% humidity…and I have never had this happen before…but the paint just slid off.  It wouldn’t adhere at all.  So I washed off what I had tried to paint and went home.  When I got home, baby Jasmin was just about ready for a nap.  PERFECT!  We cuddled up together and had a wonderful nap.  Then we got up and got ready and went out to pick up Sam and We headed up towards Lansing.  Yesterday was our anniversary. 15 Years!  We dropped off baby Jasmin at Sam’s sister’s and had a great evening.  We ate at Red Lobster, hung out at the bookstore for a while and then went to see Get Smart.  Funny movie!  We had a great time.

So I am off to paint this morning.  I am hoping I do not have to deal with any more paint issues…’cause I have a timeline for this…and it doesn’t allow for days without painting.

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