I thought I would post a few of the drawings I have done during camp this week.  Nothing spetacular…but I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen any of my drawings.  So here you go.

You might think it’s pretty bad that I draw during church…but I really am still listening when I am drawing.  Sometimes it actually helps me focus.  I figure it’s an hour that I am just sitting there not really doing anything so I pick up my pen and draw.  This drawing (above) kind of got some water dripped on it later after I drew it…oh well.  Cary suggested that I make a collage of people’s backs.  I don’t think so…it would take a while to get enough to do that.  But here is another one I did.

This drawing I really liked, but the service ended just before I got the hand drawn…shoot!  I also did this drawing last night…and didn’t get it quite done.  I just love that I can take off my shoes during church and I love the feel of the cool grass when the rest of me is so stinkin’ hot!  These are my sandals I got this summer.  Funny thing is two of my friends ended up with the same exact sandals later on!  They are super comfy…from payless.

I also did this drawing at the beach…but i don’t really like it.

We go home tomorrow…it will be nice to be home…but I’ll have a lot to do when we get back.

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