Max’s moustrap

We’ve had a little mouse running around our house lately. Thankfully he was caught last week while we were at camp. Daddy set a trap, but Max wasn’t sure the Victor trap would do a good enough job, so he created one of his own. It consisted of a box lid, with an open flap on one end. On the inside of the box lid he applied a thick layer of glue stick. Then knowing he needed some good bait, he got a piece of American Cheese from the refrigerator and cut it into quarters with his scissors. He stuck the cheese to the inside of the box lid and face down he propped a block under one end. When the mouse comes in to eat the cheese off the box the lid would fall on him and he would become stuck to the box and therefore trapped. Can you get any cuter than that?  We did not even know he had made it till we returned home from somewhere and discovered it!

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