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I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated anyone on what’s going on with all of us.  Last week was a really tough week.  Shelly left on Wednesday morning to go back and be with Penny and help Sherry out.  So we worked the rest of the week, just me and Sam and Jasmin.  Along with taking care of the kids, Jasmin also did the pictures.  We did ok just the 3 of us.  But we were so busy.  There wasn’t a lot of down time.  We got the call that Penny had passed away on Friday morning.  It’s hard to think that we will never see her again.  I will miss her so much, but she is so much better off in Heaven.  I am sure she is having a blast.  Anyway on Sunday night we headed down to Gaylord, but the suburban broke down.  I had to leave sam there and drive the kids and our new babysitter to Gaylord to the hotel.  (When Jasmin’s mom came to pick her up on Saturday, she brought Sarah.  Sarah is a college student who was recommended by a good friend.)  Then I left and went to get Sam back in the UP.  He had gotten the show towed to a shop nearby.  I got there around 4 am.  We slept in the car until someone arrived…only to find out they weren’t doing any work this week because they are moving to a new location.  So we had to get it towed again to a dealer in Newberry.  Sam and I hitched the show to the truck and drove back to Gaylord.  We actually have a nice set up there.  There are two other free kids acts and we are all kind of together and they let us camp out behind the show which makes things very convenient.  Sherry and Kevin and their two kids came up and are staying at the hotel with Shelly and Mike.  We eat lunch and dinner at the camper and hang out around there all day. I think the kids are having a lot of fun playing with their cousins.  The weather has been nice and cool, though I have to say I was pretty cold last night.  I am hoping for time for a nap today, because last night Jasmin didn’t sleep well.  I got a new formula, and thought maybe that was it.  But I looked at her teeth this morning (2 front teeth) and her gums are white and swollen and now I am thinking it might be that more than the formula.  Anyway, maybe I will be able to write more later.  Gotta go for now.

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