It’s 3:00 am

Yeah…I know I have to go to work in five hours…Tonight Sam brought all the kids over to me at school.  We stayed there till 7.  I was so glad to get some extra time in my classroom. There is so much to do.  The kids were great.  Jasmin slept a little on the pillows in my classroom library and the kids played outside on the playground and with the blocks and stuff in my room.  There are lots of things for them to do in the kindergarten room.  Max spent a lot of time looking at his comic book.  He is so cute trying to find words he knows and stuff. He is really doing great and I am so glad we had him stay in Kindergarten.  Karson is catching on to stuff too.  I overheard him under my easel reciting the alphabet chart.  (A  /a/ apple, B /b/ bird…) He’s been singing all his little songs he learns at school too.  It’s really cute.  Savannah was a big help.  She helped me grade papers.  Actually she just organized them and stuck stickers on them for me and wrote WOW! on the really good ones.  I’ll go back through them later, but it has saved me some time.  When we got home we ate and got ready for bed.  Sam went back to work.  He has been trying to get everything done for Penny’s memorial service tomorrow.  At midnight he came home and gave me the pictures and asked me to make a display for the lobby on a presentation board.  I kind of panicked a little because I was just thinking about going to bed.  Well I found Sherry and Kevin’s old presentation board and cleaned it off, mounted the pictures on some coordinating paper and arranged them on the board.  I wanted a few more pictures so I went digging through boxes and actually found several more I could use.  There’s one of Sam and Sherry and her with wigs on or something…really funny and another one of her carving the Thanksgiving turkey.  Anyway, my house is a mess, the kids lunches aren’t packed (I think I’ll let them get hot lunch) and Sam’s Aunt and Uncle will be at our house around noon…which is about the time I should get home from school. (I am taking the afternoon off)  Then I am going to go pick up some kind of a top to wear with my black pants and pick up the kids and we’ll head up there around 4 or so.  It will be fun to be with family and that I am looking forward to.  It’s kind of hard watching the video Sam has been working on…I miss her so much when I watch it.  Well, I am going to go to bed for my 3 hours of sleep.  (for the 2nd night in a row)

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