I can’t think of a good title, so…

I just gulped down two grilled cheese sandwiches.  I didn’t eat dinner tonight…it’s now 10:00.  I had to skip dinner because I had conferences tonight (and tomorrow too) and there was no time to eat anything.  Grilled Cheese probably wasn’t the best choice, but they were really good and I was so hungry.

Conferences are going good.  I’ve only had one no show.  It’s good to talk to the parents and it gives me a better perspective of their kids.  I actually enjoy them.  Tomorrow should be a little more relaxing with conferences because I have a few more breaks than I did today.

I decided a post was long overdue because I just know you are dying to see my kids in their Halloween costumes right?  They are cute. They all wanted to be Star Wars characters this year.  It’s kind of been the in thing.  Josiah, their cousin, is really into Star Wars and we went and saw the Clone Wars this summer…so the kids always are playing Star Wars together.  Savannah of course wanted to be Princess Leia…her costume is homemade, but I think it cost more than the other three did.  Sam got the other 3 at Toys R Us.  i think they were on sale.  Max was Obi-Wan (We think we can have him be Jesus in the Easter play!), Karson – a stormtrooper and Jaz was Chewie.  So cute.

Friday Jasmin turns one.  Max was telling me tonight that he can’t believe we have had a baby for a year!  He’s so right.  It went so fast.  She is really a handful right now.  On the move and into everything she shouldn’t be.  She has destroyed so much stuff lately…she just loves to rip paper!  We are having a party here Friday night.  My mom is coming up tomorrow night to help out a little, cleaning and getting ready.  She is so great at cleaning and organizing stuff.  She can make my house look really good.  I only have half a day on Friday, so I am looking forward to being home and having time to get the house in order for guests.  We have a really big table that can seat 10 if we squish in, but we’ll also need the table from the porch and

possibly the poker table to eat at.  Feeding 22 people might be a little crazy.  But it will be fun.  It’s been a while since we had a family event here.  I think the last party was Savannah’s birthday.

I am not sure what we will give Jasmin for her birthday.  I need to go look, but I don’t really know when I will have the time.  Maybe we will just go this weekend.  I don’t know.  She’s really into unpacking bags, putting things inside of boxes and other such containers.  So maybe something along that line…of course, I could just give her a box of kleenex and she would probably think it was the best gift ever!

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