I wanted a Snow Day!!!

Yes I am whining.  Today was crazy. Now I know what the classroom teachers were always talking about when they say their kids are awful after a vacation! What a day. My 2 loudest students were gone…plus 3 others, and it seemed like chaos all afternoon!  The kids were wound up, they fought and tattled.  We didn’t get a lot accomplished needless to say.  Especially because I probably spent AT LEAST 45 minutes of the afternoon (3hrs and 15 minutes) just dressing and undressing kids in their outdoor clothes.  This is SO frustrating to me because I feel it is such a waste of educational time! Many of my students do not know how to get dressed by themselves in their winter clothes and I need to think of some better ways to handle it.  Apparently many of them have parents at home that dress them completely…I plan to teach them how to get dressed and undressed in their outdoor clothes by themselves and hope I can find a way to make it fun, too!

Yesterday after church, we drove to Howell to Sam’s dad’s.  My neice was having her birthday party and then afterwards, we all went over to his church to see the Power Team.  It turned out to be a pretty long service.  Jasmin was done being quiet about 8:00.  But we stayed till it was over, so the kids could get autographs and souvenirs.  We had planned to scoot out a little early, not wanting to be out late on a school night ( 1.5 hr drive home), but the kids wanted to sit up front so they’d get picked to assist on stage…so that didn’t work out so great.  You have to see this video of Max.  He was so excited to go up on stage…he had no idea what he was in for.  And once he realized it, he was hanging on for dear life…I wish you could see the expression on his face while he was being spun around!  It was pure fear!

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