I can only remember one other time when school was cancelled due to the cold weather.  I don’t remember when it was…but it sure was a nice surprise to wake up Thursday and find out that there was no school.  I didn’t even have a clue that it might be cancelled and I was glad to take the opportunity to sleep in and got right back into bed.  It was awesome.  And then today…well, I kind-of expected that school would be cancelled today as well, since I saw the forcast and it was pretty much the same as the Thursday.  So…I didn’t really get my weekly newsletter done and didn’t get my papers checked.  Instead I ended up watching TV with Sam.  We watched The Office and then one episode of Carnivale from season 2.  We got season 1 for Christmas and watched it all…so we had to go on and watch season 2.  It’s really too bad that it got canceled.  It’s a really good show (HBO).  After Carnivale, he wanted to watch The Prestige. I sat with my laptop on most of the movie, but didn’t really get anything done.

This morning I didn’t really get to sleep in, but I did lay around for a couple of hours after the kids were up.  It was nice.  Later we got ready and went and got Ashlyn, Savannah’s friend from school.  Savannah’s birthday is tomorrow and Ashlyn and Savannah’s cousins, Caroline and Anah came over.  I took them to dinner and then we went to see Hotel for Dogs.  They had a blast.  Caroline and Anah are spending the night and as of right now they are all still up.  They are playing really nicely together and even though it’s late they are being pretty good.  I think I will start making them go to bed soon though…we don’t want grumpy kids tomorrow!

Anyway, it’s been a great weekend.  I am loving the extra time at home.  The awesome thing is we don’t have school on Monday either because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I have professional development meetings to go to though…but it should be ok…we get to meet with the other kindergarten teacher and talk about curriculum stuff.  The kids will most likely go to their Aunt’s house for the day.  Then we don’t have school next Friday either.  So it will be a short week for teaching.

All day today, not having an agenda, I have been thinking I should do some drawing.  I am just not sure what to draw.  So maybe I will come up with some bright idea and post something before the end of the weekend.  We’ll see.

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