Pinkeye Problems

These little bottles have been used a lot lately at our house.  Savannah got pinkeye the day after Christmas, then Jasmin had it, and then last week Max had it.  We have been doing eyedrops in everyone’s eyes a few times a day.  And even though Karson hasn’t had it yet, he’s been getting eyedrops too.  I don’t know if you are supposed to use them as a preventative measure…but it sounded like a good idea…and his eyes have stayed clear.  There is so much pink eye going around right now.  Kids at school have it, a bunch of kids at church have had it…I know at least 5 kids that have had it in the last week!  Besides that there are a ton of cases of Fifths disease at our kid’s school and some kind of crazy flu has been going around too. I am hoping our immune systems can fight it, I really don’t want to be sick right now!

Now…aren’t you proud of me?  I am.  (for finally doing a drawing – in case you are wondering) I know it’s not great quality…I am kind of out of practice, I guess.  All the more reason to do another one tomorrow!


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