so cute!

Tonight I went with Savannah to Brownies.  It was our last meeting, so I thought it would be cool, since we are done working on Try Its to make a little scrapbook of our year.  I got some pictures printed and the Girl Scout scrapbook stuff at JoAnn’s was 40% off this week…so I made some little 6×6 booklets with some of the GS paper.  I sewed them together with my sewing machine.  They turned out really cute.  And I got some of the stickers for cheap too.  Anyway, at the end, before we left, we had each of the girls share their scrapbook, what their favorite thing was about their book and Savannah said how she like the pages that had the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law the best.  She said she would “probably read them every night.”  It was just so cute how she said it.

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