Weekend stuff.

It’s been an interesting weekend.  Friday it rained.  We all came home from school and sacked out…around 7:00 we decided to go get something to eat.  I was carrying Jasmin down our steps.  Not remembering to be careful because they get slippery when they are wet, I somehow slipped and we fell down.  I landed on my knees and the back of my hand, Jasmin landed on her back and smacked the back of her head on the pavement in our driveway so hard.  It was scary.  She didn’t lose consciousness, but after we got her calmed down, which took a long time, we decided to still go eat and as we were driving she was falling asleep.  So I had Sam drop me off at the Express Care for kids to get her checked out.  I was thinking I probably would have to take her to ER to get a CT scan, but the pediatric dr. at the Express Care seemed to think, after checking her over, that she was doing fine but to watch her.  It was nearly bedtime when we got  home, so I got her ready for bed and put her to sleep after giving her some tylenol.  I woke her up a few times during the night to check her.  She seemed normal.  I think she’ll be ok.  I was a little worried because she didn’t bleed or get a bump or anything…and I thought that might be bad.  It is an awful thing to think that I could have hurt her.  I know it was an accident, but all I kept thinking was how I should have turned or something so she wouldn’t have hit her head.  We didn’t sleep very well, and it didn’t help that the two movies we rented to watch this weekend were both about dying!  (Seven Pounds and Marley & Me).  I cried so hard at the end of Marley & Me…because it totally was what happened with Cooper.  I miss him still.  Not that I want a dog right now.  I told Sam he shouldn’t watch it. (I watched it with the boys)

Anyway, I still don’t know what is going on for next year at school.  They haven’t told us because they are offering an extension for the buy out and hoping some people will take it.  That will determine how many lay-offs and what everyone will do.  Right now all the admin. can do is come up with several possible scenarios…it’s kind of crazy.  I would think we should know something soon.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  We are going away to a campground – staying in a cabin for the whole weekend.  We’ve never been there so I hope its a good experience.  It will be fun to just be away and do something different and I am glad for the extra day off! Only a few more weeks…and I have so much to do!  Time is flying!

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