So, it’s been a couple of weeks…

These past 2 weeks have flown by.  I have given more tests than I think I have ever taken in my whole lifetime!  But I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment at finishing something I had no idea how to do a year ago.  I will miss my kindergartners.  They were a great group of kids…and parents.  Next year I am slated to do the same job, morning art and afternoon kindergarten.  Sure I am disappointed that I won’t be going back to teaching all art…but I am extremely grateful to have a job and to be doing the same thing as I did this year…and not having to learn something completely new, again.

I am in the midst of planning a birthday party for Max who is turning 7 next week.  I cannot believe he is already that old.  Bad thing is that this is ALWAYS the worst possible time to plan a party when you are a teacher.  When I was pregnant, his birth day couldn’t come soon enough…but now, I don’t think I would have minded if he would have hung out another week.  But I feel bad for Max, because seriously, his whole life, he has gotten jipped on pretty much every party.  It’s easy to do that when they are little and they don’t understand what a birthday is, and you can just call up your fam a couple of days before and say come on over and they actually show up with presents and food and everything.  But now, Max has friends and parties are a little more involved.  Last year we invited friends to Fun For All Kids…a place with a bunch of inflateables (which is now closed down).  And it was a good party.  Easy on us.  The kids had a blast.  But this year Max wants to have an Art Theme party…which of course I think is cool…and I can’t be lazy about planning this one…after all, I am an ART teacher.  So I asked my friend Sara (who designs stuff like this – check her out on Etsy!) to whip up a cool invitation for it. And it is REALLY cool.  Thanks Sara.  So I got the invitations out, but haven’t done much since then.  I have a ton to do around the house.  We are having a lot of guests…and I was planning an outside party, but it may rain, so we may do our grilling in the garage and I will need to be creative with how I do the activities.  I’m still trying to recover, I think, from staying up till 3 and 4 in the morning for 2 days in a row.  But my kids have some great little memory books to remember their year in Kindergarten.  🙂

My kids’ last day is Thursday.  Bean does their field day on the last day of school, so since I will officially be done with work tomorrow, I get to go.  But then afterwards, we are grabbing lunch and heading over to my room to clean, clean, clean.  I have to clean up both the kindergarten room and the art room.  It’s a lot to do, but since I didn’t have to teach kindergarten today (because we had an early dismissal), I actually did get quite a bit cleaned up.  I feel good about that.

The pictures were taken a few weeks ago, after buying a container of glow sticks (the kind you make into necklaces & bracelets) from Michaels and using our night setting on the camera.

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