School’s Out…It’s officially summer.

I finished up work last week.  Spent a couple of nights at school till 1AM trying to get my room cleaned up.  I finished up on Friday afternoon, but I have to take in some paperwork & stuff tomorrow morning.

This weekend was a whirlwind of cleaning and entertaining…Max’s birthday party.  It was fun.  It took a lot to clean up the house.  It was so trashed – because I have basically done very little to maintain it the last 3 weeks.  Next year I will think about hiring someone to help me clean those last 3 weeks…I just need a little help with that since my attention has to be so focused on work.

Today, I felt like I had a chance to relax and breathe.  This afternoon I took a short nap.  I cleaned up stuff around the house, did some laundry…spent time with the kids.  I had them write in their journals, Max and Karson practiced their sight words and we all played a rhyming game that had to be ended because the boys were trying to rhyme male anatomy and bodily functions.  What is up with boys this age?  I seriously think that is all they think about!

Savannah, Max and Karson are going to Kids Kamp this week at Trinity Wesleyan Church.  Jasmin is going to the babysitter’s.  I am looking forward to having some time to myself.  Though, I do have to spend a couple hours at the dentist tomorrow…and I am not looking forward to that AT ALL.

I have a lot I want to do this summer.

  • work on stuff for school next year…both art and kindergarten (I’m doing the same thing, in case you didn’t know.)
  • get the Pirate show ready which includes repainting, painting and decorating the inside, and getting the costumes ready to go.
  • paint…um…this is low on my priorities…but I would like to paint the living room, the front entry way and the back mud room…and maybe do some touch-ups in other rooms, and then there are the window frames outside that need to be scraped and repainted.
  • have a garage sale…this really needs to happen.
  • work on reading and math with the kids.
  • lose weight, eat healthier & get a tan.
  • keep my lawn looking as good as it does right now (thanks to Mark, the lawn guy).
  • Journal and draw daily – which will be tough, since I am totally not in the habit of doing this.

It’s good to have goals, right?

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