My latest project…

Just about a week ago I started on a new project…painting the entry way…it’s a small room with dk. reddish carpet.  Here is a picture I found (after like 45 minutes of searching through albums on our computer) from last thanksgiving.

The room where the kids table is at…that’s the one I am working on.  We call it the red room (because of the carpet color). Notice the super ugly wallpaper…and border.  Just about every room in our house had wallpaper when we bought this place…slowly I have been stripping it down to repaint it.  It took the longest to get the walls prepped.  I did not enjoy that at all.  I also had to paint/repair the ceiling in this room as well.  So I was watching Color Splash on HGTV…and they did a striped pattern with two different paint sheens…same color… and I got to thinking…how cool would it be if I did that with freehand swirls all over…using the same color paint would keep the pattern from being too busy, and create a subtle whimsical effect.  It pretty much turned out exactly as I imagined it.  I love it.  Of course, like any project I ever start…it’s not finished.  But it will be, by next weekend.  Next weekend is the cookie party and I want it finished by then, at least that’s my goal! So what do you think?  It was hard to photograph…but what you are looking at is flat paint with the satin paint of the same color painted in a pattern of swirls.

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