Our NEW Washing Machine!

Sam’s dad got us a new front loading washing machine for Christmas.  I think I am in love!!! It’s so quiet – and SO sparkly!  It even sings a little song when you turn it on!  I love that it uses SO MUCH LESS water and less soap.  I can even use fabric softener in every load because you can add it at the beginning.  Today when the guys brought it, we also had them haul out our chest freezer.  We have been wanting to get rid of it.  We just don’t use it enough to keep it.  We found someone who wanted it, so we had them haul it upstairs for us since they had the equipment and experience of hauling appliances up and down stairs.  I only got one little tiny scratch on my door.  We had them leave the box, so we could make a little fort for the kids.  I did 5 loads of laundry in my new washer yesterday…and while I was drawing this, a load finished and much to my surprise it played an entire little song.  I don’t know what the tune was, but it was so fun and made me smile.  And I just have to say that whoever thought of putting a happy little song on a washing machine was a genius…because now I actually love to do laundry…and hearing that little song makes it even better.  It’s fun to do mediocre chores like laundry when you have a washer that IS SO AWESOME!!!

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