DAY 3: Dr. Ellis, LEGOs and a Hershey Bar

This morning we made a trip to see Dr. Ellis.  It turns out that Jasmin has hand, foot & mouth disease.  Great.  We have a birthday party at our house tomorrow.  I am so crossing my fingers that she will not be contagious still.  She’s gone 24 hrs. without a fever, but her rash is worse today…pretty much covering her whole body.  She was less clingy today, but way more high maintenance.  I was glad when it was time to get her in bed.

Max is celebrating his 8th birthday tomorrow.  We got him a Star Wars LEGO watch, a barrel of monkeys (simple gift, but I know he’ll love it!), a really cute Toy Story 3 shirt from WalMart for 5.00 and a Indiana Jones LEGO case for his DS.  His grandpa got him a DS 2 Christmases ago.  Last summer he lost it.  We had it with us at one of the fairs.  And then we couldn’t find it anywhere.  We looked everywhere a thousand times, I swear.  We assumed that it had been left outside the camper and someone stole it.  Then a few weeks ago, I was cleaning out my Suburban and low and behold…I found that silly DS.  After he had already received another one from grandpa last Christmas.  So now we have an extra.  But they are both black – well the last one is cobalt and black.  It’s just a hard color to see.  I am sure that is one reason why we never saw it all that time!  Anyway.  I am hoping that a colored DS case (which is also a hard case) will protect it better and keep it more visible.

Max is really excited about his party.  He could hardly sleep tonight.  In fact, when I got home from the store…at 11:30, Karson and Max were still awake.  Those little stinkers.  Max wanted to have his DS in bed so they could watch a movie.  We let them do it sometimes and they are usually out in like 10 minutes anyway.  I told them before I left that if I got home and they were still awake, he’d lose his DS tomorrow.  I am just hoping that they aren’t horrible tomorrow because of their lack of sleep.  I really should have been a little firmer about their bed time though, so if they are, I guess I kind of deserve that.

So Max’s party is a LEGO party.  I have about 4 or 5 games and we will have cake and ice cream & presents.  The boys are doing the loot bags and today Max made a container to hold forks and spoons out of LEGOs.  Tomorrow we are going to make a table covering by printing DUPLO blocks on white roll paper.  I think it will look pretty cool.  We are also going to make the cake.  I am going attempt to make a LEGO cake like the one in the picture…and I am going to call Meijer bakery and see if they will sell me some red and blue frosting.  Plus we are going to see if we can buy some lego candy for the loot bags at Cracker Barrel. I love doing parties…but I wish I wasn’t on a limited budget. I could have made this a really cool party with more money and a little more time.  But I am sure it will be fun, and Max will love it.

Oh…and I have to tell you the best story of the day.  Tonight Sam and I took the kids to KFC. We drove two vehicles because we split up afterwards.  I had to shop for the party, he had stuff to get for this weekend at Menards.  He took the boys and I took Jasmin.  My gas was really low, (and I don’t trust my gas gauge lately) so my first stop was Meijer gas station. I had to go inside to pay for my gas and brought Jasmin in with me.  As soon as we walk in & she sees all the candy displayed at 2 yr. old level, she starts in with “starvin’ mom” and repeats it twenty times because she thinks her mom can’t hear her…and remember we had JUST eaten dinner.  So this guy in front of me is watching her, thinking she’s cute or something, and asks what her name is.  So I tell him…then cringe as I think about how creepy it is that this stranger is now calling my daughter by her name and asking her what she wants.  Seriously, mister, she’s two.  She wants everything she sees! And then I politely say, “please don’t buy her anything, sir, she just ate.” He totally ignores me and purchases a Hershey chocolate bar and hands it to her, then walks out the door.  I am in complete shock, trying to comprehend how anyone could ever think it would be a nice thing to buy a 2 yr. old child a full size chocolate bar on a hot summer day when her mother nicely asked him not to. So I grab the candy bar, she fusses for a second and then completely forgets about it by the time I have her buckled in her car seat.  She did, being the polite child I raised her to be, remember to thank him as we walked by him to our car.  I was looking in my rear view mirror all the way home, checking to be sure he wasn’t following me.  That was just a crazy, weird experience, I tell you. Oh, and just in case you are wondering about the candy bar…I gave it to Sam.  I am not going to let my 2 yr. old eat an entire chocolate bar.

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