Day 17: Getting Ready for Camp

Sometimes it’s frustrating being the mom.  Not that I don’t love my kids…I can’t imagine life without them.  But it’s just not easy and is often frustrating. Things are going better, I think, with behavior with Savannah, Max and Karson.  So I am glad about that, though they all have their moments…and Savannah has been so moody lately.  Not sure what that’s all about.

I am getting geared up for camping next week.  I will be camping with all the kids.  Sam will still be working and will come join us in the evenings when he can.  I’ve done it before…but I’ve always had my friend Cary around to help out.  It was a team effort.  She also camps with her kids and Chuck comes out at night if he can.  The first year we camped at Somerset for family camp, Sam and I borrowed my mom and dad’s fifth wheel. Savannah was 4, Max was just 2 and Karson was 10 months old.  Sam spent more time out there that year, but since it was our first year, we didn’t have an electric site…it was kind of crazy camping in that big fancy fifth wheel with no electricity!  Cary brought her kids out that year every day, I think.  So did my sister Cyndi.  And we planned meals together and hung out every day.  So the next year (we still did not have a camper), I suggested we do it again.  I made arrangements to borrow a friend’s camper…and it worked out great.  The camper was perfect for all 7 of us. Crowded, but it worked.  And as the kids got older, it got easier.  We did the same thing the next year.  Then we got our own camper.  We had just purchased it…and were still getting used to it.  It was really crowded with all 7 of us…and I was pregnant…and there was a gas leak.  That year of family camp wasn’t the greatest, but we still enjoyed it.  Cary didn’t come out to camp till like Tuesday or something. The next Spring we sold the Prowler and bought the Sportsmen.  Definitely the upgrade.  It was perfect for our family with 4 bunks in the back, the queen size bed in the front and a slide in the living area.  We LOVE this camper.

Cary stayed with us one more year in the Sportsmen…but then last year, we couldn’t make it to family camp because we were doing the Pirate Show in Charlotte at the Eaton County Fair.  I was sad, because I just love going to family camp.  The kids love it, too.  It was hard for me to give it up.  Cary got a site and put their tent on it and stayed in the tent all week. We got to go visit a couple of evenings when our shows ended early.  I missed camp.  I haven’t talked to Cary about doing meals together this year…but I’ll probably give her a call.

Things will be a little different this year.  We won’t be staying together…and my mom and dad are going to be around all week.  They are actually staying at our house and driving out when they want.  I think they are also hoping to do some house hunting while they are here, too. It will be fun having them around.  They won’t spend all their time with us, because my sister & her family are camping out there too.  I’m sure we’ll be hanging out together a lot.

As I am typing this I am thinking of a huge list of things to do tomorrow. Besides cleaning and packing the camper…I have phone calls to make, menus to plan, shopping!

Speaking of shopping – something I spend very little time doing for myself…I scooted out at 8:30 tonight so I could see if I could find a pair of capris to replace the ones that I just noticed a hole in.  Of course, I couldn’t find anything in that amount of time.  I know, wrong time of the year to be looking for capris but I was hoping for a sale or something.  Not one pair in my size in the store I went to.  So I went to Kohl’s because they close at 10…and all I could find were 2 pair of jeans that looked horrid on me.   I did find some flip flops for a good price, though…and that was another thing on my mental list.

It’s frustrating trying to shop.  It takes time, and I don’t have it.  I know I am not very fashionable…but I have to settle for clothes that are affordable and convenient (shopping for clothes at Walmart & Meijer).  I absolutely can not shop for clothes for myself with my 4 kids with me.  I really can’t even do it with one.  I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work.  So I am giving up on the capris…I think I might try to sew up the hole.  It will be noticeable if someone looks, but I am hoping no one will be looking there. So I will just be happy with my 2 pairs of shorts, my capris with a bleach stai, my capris with the hole and a pair of jeans.  It’ll work.  I’ll make it work…and we will have a blast!

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