DAY 30: Ann Arbor Art Fair

I haven’t been to the Ann Arbor Art Fair in years.  It’s really fun.  More fun with adults than kids…but I decided to chance it today and take my oldest 3 to Ann Arbor.  I looked online and found a mall that was closer than any other parking that had a shuttle bus…for $4.00 & kids under 12 are free!  Perfect.  Glad to pay $4.00 to not have to deal with parking downtown.  Plus the bus had air and comfy seats!

We dropped off Jasmin at Wendy’s house on the way, and she was so tired by the time we got there…I have to admit, we were kind of glad for the peace and quiet after we dropped her off.

The art fair is pretty overwhelming.  There are so many artists there!  We definitely didn’t see everything.  But our first stop was Mrs. Garnett’s booth.  Savannah had drawn her a picture and the kids were excited to see her and her artwork.  She gave them each a postcard of her Rollerskates. Mrs. Garnett is the kids’ art teacher and a good friend of mine.

It was a hot day and most of our walking was in the sun.  We looked for shade when we could and cooled off with some ice cream.

And after that we found a fountain where we put our feet in and the kids stuck their heads in the water.

We saw some amazing art and some really cool jewelry and ceramics and glass sculptures.  We couldn’t take pictures of a lot of the art we saw, but our favorites were life size bronze sculptures of kids…and a dog and a puppy, a glass robot, some recycled art figures, and the digitally created art.  A lot of different styles.  I kind of wish it wasn’t so hot…I think the kids would have enjoyed it more.  The boys complained a lot.  We walked for about 4 hours…only sat down a couple of times.  We were tired out.

The kids won yo-yos, made Japanese fans, hugged a guy dressed up in a giant remote control suit, saw Google headquarters (that was exciting to them), gave money to street performers & drank free Nestle Quick Chocolate Milk. It was about 5 when we headed back.  On the way to the bus stop, we saw a guy making rings from silver spoons.  Savannah found one with an S on it, so I let her get one.  It’s pretty cute.

And we got to watch him make it, too!

Here she is with it on, and I know the picture is blurry…I will get a better one later.  She’s sleeping right now.

And to top it all off, Savannah gave me the best foot massage on the busride back to the mall!  It felt so great.

I also found a really cool necklace…I will post about that tomorrow.  It was a fun day and even though the kids weren’t thoroughly enjoying every minute of the adventure…I think they still had fun, too.

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