A Trip to Cascade Falls

Ok…so is it just us?  Do other people not take advantage of fun tourist traps in their own town?  We have lived in Jackson for 16 years and I have never visited Cascades once during that time.  I had been here once or twice as a kid, but don’t really remember it being that fun.

I recently found out that on Wednesdays, families get in for just $5.00.  So tonight, after hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma who came up for the inspection on their new house, we ventured over.  Me, Max, Karson and Jasmin.  Sam and Savannah are at Magic week in Colon till Saturday, so it was just us four.

I had no idea what to expect, except that we’d get to see the water in the falls light up and change color and that there would be a band playing and some people dressed up as Disney Characters.  The kids had a blast climbing up all the stairs and discovering the best places to get soaked.  They rolled down the hill and threw quarters in the water, too.  I soon realized that some extra spending money would have been nice.  There were balloons for a dollar and snacks at the concession stands.  But we had fun without spending more than the $5.00 it cost to get in.

The music was fun, we saw people dancing…mostly older people.  That was kind of cool.  I’m sure the kids didn’t even notice the couple dancing by themselves in front of the stage.  He was swinging her off the floor from one side to the other and then dipped her for a kiss at the end…everyone who was paying attention applauded!  It was so cute!  I think those older people really enjoyed themselves, even if they couldn’t climb the falls anymore.

Here are a few pictures.  The one of Jasmin, I retouched a little…because it was so cute!  Enjoy!

if you are on Facebook, I posted a whole album of 31 of our pictures for the evening.

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