Beyond Expectations

So, today was not what I expected. I didn’t *expect* that our old babysitter, Jasmin (sounds weird saying “old” because she’s not…maybe “former” would be better…no that sounds to formal?…anyway…) would call us up last night and ask to take the kids for the day because she misses them.  That was really a great surprise.  And it made for a strange day.  Going to church without my kids is, well, really weird.  I missed them laying all over me, drawing pictures on the encouragement cards and not standing up during the worship songs like they are supposed to.  Funny…all those things are the things that really drive me crazy…but the whole time we were singing all the cool VBS songs (our VBS started today) in Worship…I really couldn’t stop thinking about them.  Sam and I were out of church so fast today, it wasn’t funny!  The promise of a quiet dinner out to one of our favorite restaurants without our kids AND BONUS…without having to ALSO pay a babysitter made us really excited, I guess.  We ate more than we should have and we had a great waitress.

After lunch, we drove over to the fair to clean up the pirate show trailer.  It needed a good washing.  So we did that and got the power hooked up.  We *expected* that we would be able to ALSO set up the tent, but there were cars in the way, so we couldn’t.  We came back home and vegged out till the kids showed up and then we were off to VBS.

VBS was awesome!  Of course, there were a few hitches, but it was our first night…and for the most part it was great.  I love the songs this year.  I’m a crew leader, so I get to learn them right along with the kids.  I love that part!  Our VBS worship team is GREAT!  Lissa led the opening and closing and did a fantastic job along with Clint, your youth pastor, who played the part of the goofy tourist…perfect!  The kids loved him!  Shelby did an amazing job playing the part of Rhoda and told us a story about Peter and how God set him free from prison.  It was just awesome!  VBS at our church always goes beyond my *expectations!*  Just look at this amazing stage…and that’s just one part of the huge transformation our church has gone through for our High Seas Adventure VBS.

I did not *expect* that I would run out of gas on the way home!  That was not fun.  My daughter, 10, was SO emotional tonight it was driving me crazy! Please tell me this is just a stage.  Holy cow!  Luckily my husband was right behind me and rescued us, but we still had to wait in the car…with 6 kids who were either beating each other with flip-flops or crying or having to go to the bathroom in some kind of mosquito paradise near the intersection of Spring Arbor and McCain roads for a half hour.

Skip to tucking the kids in…

I am in the boys’ room, tucking them in, saying prayers with them and those little cuties both pray for Jesus to come back into their hearts.  This was something new.  I have never heard them pray like that before.  Now Max says he prayed for Jesus to come into his heart when we were at a fair with Mimi (Jasmin) last summer and Karson told us he prayed that prayer at VBS at family camp this summer.  So when they finished with their sweet prayers we talked.  And I had the opportunity to talk to them about how we should keep Jesus on the throne…well I actually used “chair” which after I thought about, was kind of abstract, but they must have heard that whole concept before…because they were like, “oh, I get it, it’s like the king’s chair.”  “Yeah, like the throne, right?”  “And we are supposed to keep Jesus on the throne by obeying him and doing the right things.  And when we don’t.  When we make bad choices and do what we want, we are pushing Jesus off the throne and sitting on it ourselves and that makes Jesus sad.”  The wisdom…I did not *expect* this conversation.  But I was so blessed by it. It was a great teachable moment!

I am glad God does the unexpected…good & bad…that’s my God sighting for today.  I couldn’t think of one during VBS…but maybe tomorrow I can put up 2 God Sighting stickers on the map!

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