Something that Makes Me Smile…

Over 5 years ago (I think) a group of us started a small group at church.  We were all artists, or interested in art.  In our small group, we had a small amount of time dedicated to discuss a book, “The Creative Call” and the rest of the time to work on whatever art we brought.  We met for about 6 months, and then it died off.  Eventually me, Julia, Mary and Sandia were meeting regularly once a week to paint & draw.  We usually met at Julia’s, sometimes at Sandia’s.  Sandia stopped coming and I had a baby and then it was just Mary and Julia.  For the past few months, Mary has been sending me regular emails reminding me and the other recipients that she and Julia will be painting tonight at Julia’s.  I haven’t gone in a VERY long time.  Tonight I went.  I so enjoyed myself.  I felt like drawing in blue…on blue paper.  I equipped myself with my blue sharpie, a lt. blue piece of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and the coke that I had bought earlier and hadn’t finished  yet.  I didn’t leave my house till almost 7 because I was updating my webpage for school.  I stayed till 10:30!  I drew Julia’s kitchen as she worked on her paintings.  I didn’t get quite done, but I will probably take it with me tomorrow to work on.  I really enjoyed myself.  I forgot how much I love to draw!

Karson’s Birthday Party

I wish I was organized and could (have time to) plan stuff ahead…but sometimes, for me, things just turn out better when they are thrown together at the last minute.  And that really proved true this week.  This party…was the second date.  We were supposed to have it last Friday, closer to the actual birthday day…but I never got the invitations out.  That was mostly because I wanted to make them…but then didn’t have time.  So last Thursday, we decided we would make it this weekend and the invitations went out on Monday. (Still really late-I know). But almost everyone we invited could come.  Then I didn’t do anything all week to prepare for it.  I did clean my house for the Tupperware Party I had on Thursday night, though, so it was fairly cleaned  up.  I cleaned up a little more on Thursday night and made shopping lists for Sam and I.  On Friday morning, I ordered the cake from Meijer Bakery on the way to school.  The lady laughed on the phone when I mentioned I would like to pick it up at 4:00.  She said normally they are very busy, but today it should work out.  I guess I lucked out.  At school during every free minute that I had I made some decorations.  We were going with a Super Mario Brothers theme.  I made 2 chomp dogs, 2 goombas, 2 1 up mushrooms, 3 fireflowers and tubes for them to go in and a banner that said “Happy Birthday Karson”.  After work, I swung over to Meijer and picked up prizes for the games, ice cream, the cake and some Mario fruit snacks.  When I got  home, Jasmin was still at Grandma and Grandpa’s, so it was nice to not have to worry about her.  The boys helped me set up the decorations while Sam and Savannah ran to the store to get the stuff on his list. The decorations were perfect.  The guests arrived and the party started. As the guests arrived, the kids took turns playing minigames on Super Mario Party and then we played Yoshi’s Egg Hunt and Pin the Mustache on Mario.  The kids loved the games and the winners got candy Wii remotes and Mario candy.  Karson had a great time opening presents…and we made him read all the cards to us.  Then we had cake and ice cream and the kids all played with his toys and helped him put together the Lego stuff.  Everyone said they had a good time and I thought it was a lot of fun. And the great thing is…I didn’t have to stress out at all about it!

Here are some pictures from the party.