Making Potions

Ok…I had a babysitter today because our school gets out later than my kids’ school.  So I left a list of fun stuff for her to do with them.  They decided to make some potions.  I got the idea from Squashed Tomatoes.  They didn’t quite do it the same way, but here are a few of their potions…and man, they smell good!!!











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2 Responses to Making Potions

  1. Very interesting project. Are they like little mini gardens. Not quite sure how they are to work? Never heard of this before. Explain some.

  2. Na, no function really, nothing special about them…except they are fun to see how you can get different colors from grinding up different plants & flowers. You are supposed to use mortar & pestle but we don’t own one…so they just squashed them with rocks and stuff. And then…being creative with the names and I guess they could pretend play with them. They had fun anyway.

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