Jasmin’s 4th Birthday Party

Today was Jazzy’s party.  Her actual birthday was last week, but we had to wait till today for the real party.  This was the first time we invited friends to a birthday party…usually it’s our family and close friends of our family.  Jasmin was excited to invite some of her little friends from preschool and church.  We decided t have a unicorn party, mostly because of the way that Jasmin says unicorn.  She pronounces it: Hunicorn, and it really is so cute!  And then rainbows went along with the theme so well.  I had seen this really awesome Unicorn/Rainbow birthday party on a blog that I found while searching for ideas for this theme.  I couldn’t do everything…but we made it pretty awesome.  Here are a few pictures from the party.

For party favors I made glitter playdough in rainbow colors.  In the bags behind the playdough were 2 cute little craft projects we found at Michaels.  One was a little wooden unicorn to color and decorate and the other was a painting activity book.  We also had rainbow colored licorice and 2 little unicorn pins the girls can wear.

So I tried the freezer paper stencil.  I think it will turn out cute.  It’s hard to tell, the shirts aren’t really all the way dry yet.  I have to give them to the girls later on.  But they did have fun painting them!  I especially love Ava’s colorful rainbow pattern!








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