The Christmas Village

I thought the Christmas village deserved a post before Christmas is over and it gets put away again.

When the kids were very small, maybe around 2004, I started buying pieces for the village. My mom and dad gave me a few also. Those first years I set it up on the poker table. No one played with it much, but it was lovely to look at and we added pieces every year.

It eventually migrated to the dining room buffet because it became too large to fit on the poker table. The kids loved to pull up a chair and arrange the village people in different scenarios. I didn’t care that stuff got broken. The joy I saw in my kids faces as they played was worth it!

Karson has the whole village gathered to see baby Jesus!

When we moved to our house in Hanover we knew one of the first improvements that had to be done was custom built buffets…because where else would we put our Christmas village?

We have so many pieces, that it changes every year. This year we have a food truck court!

The food court!
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