does it really matter?

Some people would walk into my house and think I never clean anything…I say I do my best. It’s cluttered with yesterday’s junk mail, pieces of my Arts & Activities magazine cover that Karson ripped to shreds, Max’s goldfish crackers dumped on the floor that have been walked over a few times, bath toys and shoes on the counter in the kitchen, a half-eaten apple in the couch cushion…where does it end? Or is this just a phase I am destined to go through because of my little children who haven’t yet learned that everything has a place or how to pick up their own messes. Some days I feel that all I do is follow my kids around and clean up after them. Some days I say I don’t care what it looks like or what someone else thinks. I do what I can when I can do it…but it never ends! ,,,or will it?

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