My mini vacation: art class

I did parts of this page during my class today. We did fun stuff with photographs, a copying machine, and a variety of other art materials. I didn’t have any real inspirations during class, but later I finished my journal cover. I had collaged some copies of drawings from my journal earlier today, but this evening I was inspired to add some color and a few other finishing touches. Now I really like it.

We were supposed to spend one of our classes painting the cover of our journals…at least that was what was proposed at the beginning…but last week Greg came up with the idea of doing a dust jacket for our books which we would make from paper. Then we could work on a more personal composition for our covers that reflected what was coming across in our journals. Making the paper cover was fun, but I have no idea what I would paint on the outside of the journal. I like the collage idea and having something that reflects my everyday life. But for right now, I will just leave it because I am satisfied with the way the paper cover looks.

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