Afternoon at the beach

After church today, we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and head out to a local state park beach. It was a good time with the kids. The water was freezing cold, but Savannah didn’t care. She played the whole time in the water. I played with her and taught her how to kick her feet. When the boys started to get grumpy because they were getting tired, we decided to pack stuff up and head home…but not before stopping at the camp store to buy a round of ice cream cones for everyone. This time Max had Superman flavor and had some very interesting color combinations displayed around his sticky mouth! Much like the other day when he ate the blue ice cream at The Parlour. (see recent pictures). Savannah couldn’t say enough about how much she loved the beach and kept asking if we will go back. We had a nice time just as a family. A lot of times when we do a “special adventure” type thing we ask someone else to come along – and that’s ok, but for once it was nice to be just us and enjoy our family. Sam is sometimes reluctant to do things like this, especially when it involves being outside, but today he glady went along and seemed to enjoy himself. I feel that it is important to make memories with our kids and to take advantage of nice weather rather than being trapped in an air conditioned house all day. I only think about it being the end of August and feeling like I wasted my days because I stayed inside.

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