I walked through the back entrance to Roxy’s. As I cut through the kitchen, past the grill, I could hear the sound of bacon and eggs cooking and smelled the familiar scent of pancakes and toast. As I pushed the door open, I noticed that it was busy with customers and quickly scanned the crowd to find the familiar faces of my fellow journalers. The bright cluster of balloons caught my eye and served their purpose in marking the place where all of us crowded around a table that was meant for four until the table next to us finished their meal and gave us theirs. I ordered a Coke and a huge cinnamon roll. It was delicious – served warm and drizzled with icing. Julia ordered eggs and salsa which sounded strange to me, but I think I might try it next time after hearing her rave about how great it is. We drew for a while, until they kicked us out. Actually the management was great about letting stay a little longer to finish our drawings…even though they closed at noon. The owner was impressed by all of our drawings and they mentioned that they have been looking for someone to do a drawing for them. They wanted to know if I was interested. I guess they thought my drawing was something they were looking for.

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