Garage Sale Day #2

Our first garage sale, two weeks ago, didn’t go so great. We had so much stuff left after the sale that it filled our entire garage! So we decided to run it again. Jason and Micki brought over the left overs from their sale last weekend and Nate and Cyndi brought over a few more things that they found around their place. So having the additional merch. helped…that and the fact that we put things out by the road. We had quite a few more customers…we were busy until around 6:00! Max and Karson were great today. They kept themselves entertained with the stuff at the garage sale. Savannah hung out with dad all day. They went to the kids workshop at Home Depot this morning. The only bad thing about today was that we only made $75.00 more. But that’s not really a bad thing because any money is better than none.

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