Stamp Carving

Last night Cyndi came over and we carved stamps. I recently found out about letterboxing and am excited about getting into it. I think it sounds like a lot of fun. We are planning a letterbox adventure at McCourtie Park soon. But before we go we have to have some stamps of our own, so that’s what we were doing. I decided to do a stamp of Cooper…I am not sure if it is the one I want to use for my letterbox adventures…I might carve a different one on the other side. Hopefully we can get some letterboxes placed around Jackson as well. There aren’t any at all listed in Jackson.

Cooper was our dog. He died last summer after several bouts with cancer tumors. He was the best. Sam and I got him the day we got back from our honeymoon. He was our buddy. Before we had kids, we would celebrate his birthday, take him with us in the car on trips, we did everything with him. He was supposedly a shepherd/collie mix, but I think there were maybe some other breeds mixed in too. Wherever he came from, he was so cute…and cuddley for a big dog. He loved to shake hands, get his ears scratched, watch for cats out the window (he even caught a couple). We have lots of good memories with Cooper. Last summer we took him to the park and had a special time with him before we had to say good-bye. It was a hard thing to let him go. And even though we have a houseful, there are times that it still seems like someone is missing.

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