Karson’s Birthday

Today Karson turned one. It is hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly. Even though Karson wasn’t originally intended to come quite so soon…I can’t imagine our lives without him. He is so different from Max and Savannah and such a joy. He loves to laugh and have a good time with us and he thinks his brother and sister are so funny. Tonight we went to Lone Star Steakhouse (because kids eat free on Tuesday) and had a birthday dinner…in Karson’s honor. He did not partake of much besides my sweet potato and the complimentary ice cream, oh and of course his baby food. It was fun though. Nate and Cyndi and the kids joined us. We shared dinners, had free apetizers (coupons) and got out, stuffed, for under $20.00 – not including a tip. It was a nice dinner, even though the kids were whiney and smothered in ketchup and butter and macaroni and cheese and there was more food on the floor than they actually consumed (which is another reason why we go when they can eat for free)…that kind of stuff has to just roll off your back…or you don’t take your kids out. Actually tonight was one of the better evenings we’ve had out at a restaurant. After dinner we came home. I gave all three of them baths and put them to bed…all except Savannah who is very worried that the picture of me and Sam when we were dating is not going to be safe in her backpack and keeps getting out of bed to ask me if I am sure it will be alright. She has show and tell tomorrow and out of all the things she had to choose…she decided on a picture that Dumont took of us in college. We look very young…in fact, I might as well include it in this post.

Today, I got my two books that Sam ordered for me. A couple of books I have wanted for a while. One called Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory and another called How to Make a Journal of your Life by Daniel Price. They are awesome! I highly recommend both of them…I haven’t had a chance to read through all of both of them yet, but what I have read so far is quite inpiring and interesting. I follow Danny’s blog Everyday Matters pretty religiously. He is a wonderful artist and has a neat perspective on life. Danny Price who is a friend of his is also a great artist, and publishes his own books entitled Moonlight Chronicles. They are compilations of his own journals. He lives in a hobbit hole…which is interesting in itself.

Today I finished a drawing I started yesterday during some free minutes at school. It is of the only plant in our room. It is Donna’s…not mine. I can never keep anything growing. Except our chia pet which is becoming a little forest. Anyway, I loved how this one part of the plant (can you believe I don’t even know what kind it is) hung down over the filing cabinet. It’s twists and turns meandering through the space intrigued me and I had to draw it. I used some Cray-pas oil pastels that I have in my art supply stash to color it. I really enjoyed drawing it. After I was done, I sat in front of the plant and scribbled out some words to describe it…I actually scratched the oil pastel off with a yarn needle to write the words on the page, so just in case you can’t read them this is what it says:

twisting, turning,

changing directions

weaving in and out and around

a leaf – large

like an umbrella

shelters each smaller sprout

twisting, turning

this way and that

in an empty endless space

Please don’t think I am trying to write poetry or anything…I just wrote what came to my mind. I didn’t think about it too much, so don’t be critical.

Tomorrow I am taking Karson to his check-up, so I took the morning off. Afterwards, I have a good three hours to do whatever I want. Things I could do:

~go to a park and sit and read my books

~draw and write in my journal

~meet Shelley for an early lunch

~go shopping

~take my winter consignments to the clothing carousel

~get an oil change

I don’t have to be to work until 1:00. Whatever I do, I plan to enjoy myself.

Well, I still have to get Savannah’s snack for preschool made up tonight, so I better get going.

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