My keys

It was 12:10pm…as the last student walked out of my door, I picked up my keys, shut off the lights and headed out after her to go get my lunch. I carried my sketchbook and pen along in hopes of sketching while waiting in the drive thru line. As a pulled up to the order speaker (or whatever that thing is called), I realized that probably wasn’t going to happen since there was only one car ahead of me. So I placed my order and pulled ahead to pay and get my food. I then headed back to school, my eyes scanning the road and parking lots all the way for cops – which has become my practice lately. My right brake light is out and I am hoping I won’t get pulled over and get a ticket before I get a chance to get it fixed. So anyway, I got to school, pulled into my parking spot and turned off the car. I grabbed my drink, bag with my sandwich and fries inside, and oh yeah, my sketchbook and pen…I almost forgot about them. I got out of my car, locked the doors and started to walk away when I suddenly realized that I was missing something…MY KEYS! I secretly hoped, in those few seconds, that I had dropped them on the ground, but a quick glance through the window proved my suspicions were true…I had locked them inside…where they were still in the ignition! I called AAA and they sent a towtruck to unlock my car…and this is why I decided to draw my keys today.

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