A Date with Daddy

The first Saturday of every month is Kid’s Workshop at Home Depot and is always the first thing to go on the calendar that hangs on our fridge each month. Sam and Savannah have been going just about every month since the Home Depot store opened in Jackson. If you have kids and you’ve never taken advantage of the FREE fun activity…you should. It’s become a great daddy/daughter activity in our family. Max is waiting for the day when he is old enough to go. Needless to say, we have a lot of little wooden handmade (but sometimes not very well made 🙂 projects around our house. Some have gotten painted with cool patterns and designs, some have become gifts for grandparents, some have been used till they have fallen apart and still others just sit in cupboards or on shelves reminding us of the fun times Sam and Savannah have spent together on those Saturday mornings. Sam even bought Savannah a little tool belt which holds her hammer, saftey goggles and a tape measure and she wears it every time they go, along with her apron which is now adorned by 15 project pins, one for each thing she has made. Today Savannah made a letter sorter and her daddy took her to Roxy’s Cafe for breakfast. I am sure when she is older she will have fond memories of her special Saturdays with Daddy.

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