Illustration Friday topic: The Seasons (Winter sky)?

Illustration Friday

I know, it doesn’t exactly fit the topic. I am sure everyone else did a take on the four seasons or something…I haven’t checked any out yet. But, didn’t have time to do another illustration. And it does sort of fit because it is a sky in the Winter Season…right. Did I rationalize it enough to convince you?

As I drove to work this morning I couldn’t help taking notice of the beautiful colors in the sky. It was a pale turquoise blue with shades of peach and pink streaked across it. The colors made me think of the 80’s color schemes that we all try to stay away from now. As I passed a local factory, smoke billowing up into the sky produced a sillhouette in the most brilliant shades of purple. It was like something you’d see in a painting. One of those rare moments of beauty that only last for a short time, until they fade away. So, I made a mental note of the colors and how they impressed me, and later when I had some spare time, painted this watercolor in my moleskine. We are expecting a big snow storm tonight…I wonder if the colors in the sky this morning have anything to do with that.

A side note…I figured out a way to do acceptable watercolors in my journal. I brush a wash of water over the page, enough to get rid of the sizing that is on the pages. Once it is dry enough to paint on, it pretty much takes watercolor as well as drawing paper might. I think it turned out pretty well. I was loving everything about my moleskines except that, but now I feel better about it. Oh, I was checking out Moleskinerie. com and found out the correct pronunciation of Moleskine is mol-a-skeen-a…but a lot of people call them “moleskins” and some people call them skines (skeen-a) or moles (mol-ees). Interesting…according to Moleskine owners, if you ask for them in a bookstore using the correct pronunciation, they have no idea what you are referring to. Hmm. Interesting.

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