My Canon Rebel 2000

The other day I bought film and batteries for my camera. I had pulled it out of the closet where it has been since we moved here. I spent a while reminiscing about the good old days of manual focus and Real print film. I haven’t used this camera for two years – maybe three. We bought our digital camera in 2002 and haven’t seen many prints since. We uploaded our pics to DotPhoto for a while, but it takes time to maintain the albums. We have our pictures somewhat organized in iPhoto on our home computer, but have gotten very few printed and I am so far behind on my scrapbooks, it has become an overwhelming burden that I usually don’t feel like dealing with. My sister and I actually got together this week to work on scrapbooks. We hope to make it a weekly thing. Hopefully that will help relieve some of that burden. Back on the subject of my camera…I have to say that I really enjoyed taking pictures with the old Rebel. I took 10 pictures just for the fun of it. It was weird – not being able to see how the pictures turn out right away. I know I messed one up for sure because I pushed the button down all the way when I really just wanted to check the focus. If any of them turn out, I will be excited. I really like taking pictures with no flash…and closeups are fun too. Karson was hanging around looking in my bag. He was pretty interested in it. He knew right away what to do with the lens cap – amazing, because I hadn’t even taken it off while he was looking. He also had a great time filling my camera bag with plastic spaghetti, napkins and pepper from our dining room table!

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