EMC: "Draw your desk lamp"

Sam bought this desk lamp at a garage sale in 1994 for $2.00. It is the coolest lamp I’ve ever seen. It sits on his workstation…illuminating the room with a soothing blue-green light. It has plastic swirled all over it. I think they were popular in the 70s…but not sure. I also think these type of lamps have a name, but I don’t know what it is. All I know is that I have been working on this drawing in my journal for like three days. It’s done with Prismacolor colored pencil and I drew it with a .02 size Pigma MICRON pen.

I didn’t really think about this until I was “inking in” my drawing…but isn’t it interesting how the cords kind of look like the swirled green plastic on the lamp? Kind of a cool coincidence…by the way, anyone want to give Sam some advice on organizing all these cords on his desk? It seriously looks like this!

NOTE: EMC stands for Everyday Matters Challenge. I have been attempting the weekly challenges presented on the Everyday Matters Yahoo discussion group. Hopefully I will be able to continue to do both this and IF (Illustration Friday). It keeps me drawing and I like the weekly challenges!

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