My Journaling Bag

For the EM Challenge, we were supposed to do a drawing of our bag, purse, or wallet. I am one of those few women, I think, who just never got into the whole purse thing. I have all my important stuff like ID, SS card, credit cards, membership cards, etc. in my checkbook, which I usually carry with me all the time – in the pocket of my coat. When I go to school (NOW) I take along my bag with my journal and other journaling tools & stuff. Sometimes that bag accompanies me on trips, to classes and other excursions where I hope to be able to grab a few moments to draw or record something. I have had many purses over the years, but a bag seems to be a better fit for me. The purses I have had in recent years only last about a month or two and then I am back to not using one again. I have had my Monet bag for around 7 years. I bought it on a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. I loved it then, and it’s been my school bag for all these years…till I started journaling. I am ready for a new bag now…this challenge has made me think that I should look for one soon. I just don’t know, right now, what I would like and I hope to find a bag that I really love.

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