A Cruel Prank

Which one of our friends is responsible for this prank? Or could it be our children? Every morning at 4:23 an alarm clock goes off in our bedroom. It has been this way since Sam went on his cabin weekend with the fellas. Maybe it was one of them! A couple of times we have gotten up to look for it while it is going off, but it’s sound is so piercing that it is hard to pin down exactly where it is coming from, plus we are usually a little disoriented at that time in the morning. Last night Sam got out of bed and crawled around on the floor, in circles, trying to locate the source of our frustration…he looked like a puppy chasing a laser light…it was pretty funny. Most nights I just pull the pillow over my head and wait for the eternal minute until it stops. Who would do such a thing? Disrupting our precious sleep every night! It is cruel…and if we find out who it is that played this prank on us, they will pay! Unless of course it happened to be one of our kids…who didn’t know what they were doing and accidently set an alarm clock for 4:23 am and dropped it in a hidden area of our room…then we would just have to laugh. But you can’t really help but laugh anyway, can you?

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