Guest Blogger: Matt Faulkner

Today Matt Faulkner visited our school. He was so awesome. And so great with the kids…really kept their interest. He even drew a couple of them and they got to take their drawings home. Way cool. They were so excited. It was a real treat to get to talk to him and ask him questions and listen to him talk about the challenges and rewards of getting his illustrations/stories published. I am always inspired when I see a presentation like this where an artist explains how he comes up with the ideas and develops them into the illustrations that we see. It is so interesting to catch a glimpse of the process that we never get to experience. So we were sitting at lunch (remember the taco bar potluck…btw, we had way too much cheese…I guess someone else did bring some) and when Matt had finished I asked him to sign my Journal…and he ended up drawing this picture!!!!! What an honor. I was very excited to have my own personal drawing by Matt Faulkner! The drawing is from his new book that is coming out soon, “The Pirate and the Queen.”

Thanks Matt for coming to our school and inspiring all of us to draw all the time and recognize the great stories that are all around us!

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