Read a good book lately?

March is reading month…at school we always do all this stuff to promote it and motivate the kids to read more. We have what is know as DEAR time…it’s announced over the PA and students have to stop everything they are doing and read for 15 minutes. A good concept…except when you are in art class in the middle of a messy project…it’s not good at all. But on Thursday, it happened to be announced at the beginning of one of my 5th grade art classes and they all came in carrying their books, ready to read. I was asked by their teacher to cross any names off a list of kids who weren’t reading…so instead of reading, I was policing…then I started noticing how many different positions the kids were reading in…I wish I could have captured all of them. It was very interesting. One kid stuck his book up under the table and laid on his back on the floor. I don’t know if he was actually reading like that, but it looked like it. So anyway, I pulled out my journal and sketched a few kids really quick…I did all four of these in about 5 or 6 minutes. Not a lot of detail, I was going for the “gesture”…the positions their bodies were in…so focused on the books they were reading.

I haven’t drawn much this week. I spent about 45 minutes working on that baby drawing I am doing for a friend…and other than that, all I can say is that I had good intentions…but I didn’t keep them. This weekend I am hoping will go differently. I am going to temporarily forget about all the crap and stress of work right now (yes, I even ended up crying in one of my classes today) and I am going to enjoy my family, spend some time just for me being creative…get caught up on my Everyday Matters challenges (I am now behind), and hang out with friends. Tonight we had some friends and their new baby over…she is so cute! It was so good to see them after so long! Tomorrow we will have some friends over to celebrate Sam’s birthday too. Besides that, I do have to get some work done for school this weekend…some planning and typing up labels for the art shows coming up in May.

So check back soon, tomorrow I will post something…hopefully at least my toy challenge drawing…but I have to do it first, so I am off to draw.

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