A Good Day for A Dream to Come True

I drew this in my journal the other day…I’d always wanted to try this concept (inspired by Escher)…so I figured since it had been a few (too many) days since I had drawn in my journal, it was a good time to do a drawing that I’ve been wanting to do.

Today was an exhausting day…We have conferences this week at school, so I’m putting in extra hours. I don’t usually meet with parents during parent/teacher conferences, but still have to put in the hours, which I am using this week to get ready for the spring art shows. There is so much to do to get almost 700 students’ projects matted and labeled so they can be ready to hang. Around noon today, Sam called and asked if he could pick me up for lunch…a few minutes later we were riding to Wendy’s with Savannah and Andrew (Sam had picked them up from preschool) and Matt (Sam’s intern) IN A CONVERTIBLE!

Taking advantage of the nice weather, Sam borrowed the convertible from a friend to fulfill one of Savannah’s dreams…She has always adored convertibles…especially red…and Sam had told her someday we would ride in one…and today was that day. She was in heaven. She thought it was the coolest thing. After that I offered to let her hang with me for the rest of the day. I only had one class to teach this afternoon because of the kids getting out early, so she was my buddy today. I took her over to the school she’ll start kindergarten at in the Fall and introduced her to my principal and the kindergarten teachers. She played on the playground and had a look around the kindergarten rooms. She was very excited and really seemed to enjoy herself. It was a lot of fun for me too because I am usually all alone for all that time, and the time really drags on…but today was really alot of fun spending time together…we rarely do that. She is such a cool kid.

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