Pac-Man, Bad Guy & Rootbeer Floats

We had a house full of kids tonight. My sister’s 2 kids and the neighbor girl were all over. The big attraction tonight was playing Pac-Man. We have one of these boxes you plug into the tv and it has like 5 old games on it. The kids hardly ever play with it, but every once in a while they get on a kick to play it a lot. So tonight, they were all lined up in front of the tv playing…taking turns…very civilized…not like little kids. It was really funny to watch them and listen to them. Andrew was fascinated with wanting to know why it was called PACMAN…he eventually came to the conclusion that the guy packs the dots. When they would play, they would basically eat a few dots and then the ghost would get them…the games were over pretty quick. They tried DigDug too but they didn’t understand the concept. But they still played nice, helped when they could, encouraged each other and took turns. What more can you ask for? Since they were playing so well, I had to draw them. Savannah and Shelby had dress up dresses on. I started drawing Karson, but he moved while I was drawing him, so he is facing away from the tv…oh well. I love when I can capture a moment of the fascinations of childhood. It’s so cool to be able to draw. I take it for granted sometimes…but it is really something I am very thankful for.

Later Sam came home with Max…and I was surprised to find that Max had gotten a “bad guy” haircut. At first I was kind of shocked and disappointed…but he does really look cute and has a superb hairline for this cut. I had to include it in this post so you could see it. This is his bad guy face. Sam also brought us A&W Rootbeer and we ended the night having Rootbeer floats with the kids.

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