EDM Phone & Glasses Challenge in Chicago

We just got back from Chicago a few hours ago. We had THE BEST time!!! And I even got two of my EDM challenges done…I am trying to catch up.
I am hoping this can pass for the glasses challenge. I do not wear eyeglasses, and at the moment I have no sunglasses…I was going to draw Sam’s but he is always wearing them while I am awake…so it just hasn’t worked out. I am afraid this is as close as I am going to get.

And this drawing is for the phone challenge.

So there you go…two more done…three more to go…I think.

Anyway…back to this weekend. On Saturday, we arrived in Chicago, checked into our hotel, and then went out and walked around. We ended up at the Redfish at around 4:00, so we decided to get something to eat. It was really good, and since it was early, the restaurant wasn’t busy. The food was awesome. I would definitely recommend it. I ordered some Penne pasta drenched with a sun dried tomato and mushroom cream sauce and some really delicious grilled seasoned chicken. Yummy! I should have drawn it, but it was too good. I just wanted to eat it up! After dinner, we went back to the hotel and relaxed for about an hour. I drew the phone. Then we met up and took a limo to the concert. It was a surprise for us girls. So cool!
The ride to the United Center was quicker than we thought, but we didn’t care because we just wanted to be at the concert.

We found our seats…and I am not even kidding about this…we could touch the ceiling above us…we were in the top row of seats at the United Center, AND we were right BEHIND the stage. But it didn’t matter. We could see everything. The stage was totally awesome! U2 does the best concert performances I have ever seen. No other band even comes close to comparing to theirs! This is the second time I have seen U2. The last concert I saw was the Popmart Tour and it was sweet, but this was even better!

Here is the set list…

U2 – Vertigo Tour, Chicago – May 7, 2005

Love and Peace
An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart
City of Blinding Lights
Beautiful Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
New Year’s Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet the Blue Sky
Running to Stand Still
Pride In the Name of Love
Where the Streets Have No Name
(Encore 1)
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways
(Encore 2)
All Because of You

At the end of the concert, the band left the stage one by one. Bono hung the cross he wore around his neck on his mic stand and walked off as we were all singing “How long to sing this song” over and over. Adam put down his guitar, and walked off…we’re still singing. The Edge stops playing the bass guitar and walks off. Drums still playing, audience singing louder now….drums quit…we still sing…Larry stands up and walks off the stage…we keep singing with no music…till the lights come on and we all scream and yell for the best concert ever! You had to be there…It was way cool. I loved how they ended the concert with those last three songs, like they were pointing to God for the reason for them even being there. Too cool.

After the concert we went down to Trader Vics for drinks until they closed…then headed to bed.

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny 78ยบ and great weather for walking the Magnificent Mile. After we got ready we headed down to the Corner Bakery for some yummy breakfast. Then we went to some stores. I saw so many cute things at Crate & Barrell…I wish I could have bought a whole bunch of them. Maybe I can find an outlet store around here and see if they have any of the things I loved. We bought the kids & Jasmin some prizes from the Disney store. Then we walked to the pizzaria for Lunch. It was nice to sit and relax a little bit. After that we caught a cab back to our car and headed for home.

It was a really fun weekend. I loved hanging out with our friends and not worrying about the kids. But I did miss them. It was really good to see their faces when we came home. They were so excited to see us. Savannah gave me the present she made me at Home Depot on Saturday. My dad took her, Andrew and Grace to the Kids Workshop. We spent the rest of the evening looking at pictures that Jasmin had taken of the kids, handing out the prizes we had bought them and playing outside. I even got to mow the lawn before it got too late. Then we tucked them in…and even though we are tired, we have to get a few things ready and cleaned up for tomorrow. It’s kind of weird not having my Sunday to relax before I go back to work tomorrow…but the fun I had this weekend was so worth it.

We didn’t take our digital camera, so I have to get Jason to send me the pics so you can see them. They will come later.
Here are some of the pictures that Jasmin took of the kids with her new camera.

So cute, huh?

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