My Week in Review

I have been journaling, even though I haven’t posted for almost a week. I want to write something brilliant, but I can’t think of how to say it right now. We just got back from my sisters. They had us over to discuss some issues and get some things dealt with. Everything is cool now, but last night was kind of a different story. I just want to say that relationships with family members are worth making the effort to work out misunderstandings. I hated the thought of either one of us holding a grudge against the other for stupid things that don’t matter. In our past…growing up…we fought constantly. We had little tolerance for each other. It wasn’t a good relationship at all, until college. I think we just grew up. But we still have our moments. Thank God we are mature enough to realize when we are being petty and stupid about things that don’t truly matter. So many relationships are destroyed over little things. It is so important to keep those family ties strong. Your family should be your greatest ally, the ones you can depend on to back you up, hold you up, build you up and shut you up.

Ok. Enough about that. These are my journal pages since last Friday. Thought you might like to see them.

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My Secret Encourager from work gave me a box of animal cookies. I found this Klimt image of a tree that I love. It’s from a mural he did. So I copied the tree (mostly) and am drawing it in the same style – my own designs though (mostly). BTW it’s not done yet. I did this project with my 1st and 2nd grade split class and they are so awesome. I’ll get some pics next week when they are finished and upload them. I am sure you would love to see them. They are using markers and Gold gelpens.

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Last Friday was a big day…Max pooped in the potty for the first time and Savannah graduated from preschool. The 2nd page is my sketchcrawl page that I have added some color to.

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I added a blue background with lt. green spirals on top. It’s in watercolor crayon. The 2nd page here is a page I did on top of Sunday’s sermon notes. I had written them with pencil, but as I was taking notes in church, I didn’t have my colorful pens and stuff. So I copied the notes onto another paper and then designed this page where I also journaled about the topic of self-discipline.

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I found some pages in a magazine for the background on this page. The border is from my example for a printing project with my 3rd graders. “Oh I Wish…” caught my eye in a magazine and I had cut it out and saved it a while back…thinking it would be a good journal prompt. I wrote in gold gel pen in the background. After I wrote all the things I wished for…I started feeling guilty for being so selfish, because they were pretty much all about me. But doesn’t everyone wish for things they know they can’t have anyway…is that a bad thing? I mean, as long as it doesn’t consume you. What do you think? What kinds of things do you wish for. Make a list and see if you feel the same way. I want to know if it’s just me. 🙂

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