Illustration Friday topic: Digital & EDM Challenge # 17

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My submission for Illustration Friday and an Everyday Matters Challenge: draw a musical instrument. I didn’t really plan that they would end up on the same page, but after I finished the guitar, I decided that the leftover space would be good for my ipod shuffle drawing.

5 Songs I have on my ipod right now…

1. (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear – Bryan Adams
2. Yahweh – U2
3. Angel – Shaggy
4. Hooked On A Feelin – Baha Men
5. Run-Around – Blues Traveler

Do you have an ipod? What are 5 songs on yours?

BTW, I sketched Gabby last week during her art class. It didn’t really go with what I added later because it was the only thing I put on that page that day. (Just in case you are wondering).

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