EDM Challenge #25 – Draw a glass

I was looking through the cupboards for an interesting glass to draw and came across this souvenir (yes, I know I spelled it wrong in my journal…I really thought there was another e in it…oh well, thanks Google!) from a recent trip to Chicago. Ed Debevic’s sells this “World’s Smallest Hot Fudge Sundae” and you get the glass to take home. Not that we needed FIVE of them, but at least we have a nice collection. Obviously, I can’t have ice cream in it while I draw, so I filled it with some gumballs…which I think I drew smaller than they actually were compared to the glass. And even though I sketched my ellipses in pencil first, and thought I had them right, they aren’t perfect…and the right side of the glass is not as curved as it should be…but it was fun to draw all the distortions of the gumballs through the ridges in the glass. The gumball on the bottom was green, and I thought it was interesting that there were little specks of green all around on the bottom of the glass…but not any other color. It was also very challenging to render the embossed logo on the glass with ink. And…I found that when I did a wash over the writing my ink was not totally waterproof. I did not ever realize that before…I guess I will have to be more careful about that in the future. Here are some links to other artist’s renditions of the glass challenge. Some pretty good ones, I think.
Allison’s glass
Julie Oakley’s glass
Cindy Woods’ glass
Laura’s glasses

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